Simple Business Security Tips

Here at Smoke Cloak we know how hectic it can be when running your own business. We have put together a list of simple business security tips to help you check your business premises are secured, when you are there and when you are not there.

On moving into your business premises make sure you have new door and window locks fitted. These locks should be from recognised manufacturers and be installed by a professional locksmith.

When your team leave at the end of the day, make sure they know they are responsible for the security of your business premises too. Have a list by the door that reminds them to check doors and windows are locked and secure.

Have somewhere safe to leave office and pool car keys. For some businesses this is on a desk. This is an easy place for a thief to quickly take your keys and steal a car, or enter the business premises out of hours.

Is the office is being closed for a few days, over a Christmas of bank holiday for example? Consider timer devices that will switch on lights as darkness falls. This makes it look like people are in the office out of hours which can deter potential thieves.

If you have ladders and work tools in your business premise, make sure they are locked away safely. Otherwise a thief can use your tools to help them break into your business premise with ease.

One trick for potential thieves is to check out your business in advance. Be aware of strangers at your office as they may be checking out what’s in your office and where the entrance points are.

We would always recommend that you have a level of burglary insurance higher than you need. Make sure you have specified cover for individual items of high replacement value. Always keep proof of your purchases with copies of receipts. Try to photograph and record serial numbers too.

And finally, if you don’t already have a smoke security system installed in your business, get one installed. Call us now to find out more.