How Important is Your Office Security?

In our time working in installing office security systems in the UK, the team at SmokeCloak have noticed that office security is a matter often detrimentally overlooked by business owners. Offices always present a great opportunity for burglars and an office often seems like the most obvious and the easiest choice of target. There is a wide selection of electronic devices and even the potential of cash, often with minimal security in place in and around the building. This security risk becomes particularly pertinent at this festive time of year, where the majority of offices will be left unattended from Christmas Eve right through until the New Year. This, of course, presents the perfect time to strike. At SmokeCloak, we’re asking just how important office security really is, as well as what steps you can take to keep your office protected.
If you are unlucky enough to become the victim of an office break-in, the repercussions can be huge. Your business probably relies heavily on physical assets, such as computers, displays, printers and fax machines, which will need urgently replacing in the event that they are stolen. Assuming that you have backed up these devices, you shouldn’t lose any digital data. However, very few businesses are entirely digital yet. Chances are that your business, like many, still keeps paper records, including personal or sensitive information about your employees, which would be made vulnerable in the event of a break-in and is also impossible to retrieve if not properly backed up.
It is therefore important, in the interest of both your physical assets and the safety and privacy of your staff, to ensure that you have sufficient security in place in your office. Unfortunately, some conventional security systems are no longer adequate in the protection of your office. CCTV will only alert you to a break-in if it is constantly monitored, which is highly unlikely over the Christmas break. As most burglars will cover their faces with hoods or scarves, it does little to catch the thieves after the event either. Burglar alarms are often similarly insufficient, in that they require instant response. Unfortunately, the average thief is in and out, with your assets, within 3-5 minutes, which makes getting to the crime scene in time very difficult.
SmokeCloak stops the thief before they make away with your assets, or any sensitive information about your employees. As soon as an intruder enters the office, your SmokeCloak security system is triggered and a cloud of impenetrable fog is deployed, cloaking the entire office. Visibility is reduced to nothing, meaning that the intruder is temporarily blinded and forced to flee without even touching your property. It is in this manner that SmokeCloak is currently securing billions of pounds’ worth of assets throughout the UK.
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