Three Christmas Security Tips For Your Business

Here at Smoke Cloak we think that everybody should be able to enjoy the fun of the festive period and get some time away from work. However sometimes business theft and criminal damage can stop festive cheer in its tracks. This is something we want to help you avoid, so we have put together some Christmas security tips for your business.


If you have visitors to your office never leave them unattended and make sure all guests sign in on arrival. Make sure that no visitors to your business seeing you setting security codes during the day, especially if they are early or late arrivals to the office. If you do see someone in the office and they look like they don’t belong there, then ask or check with a colleague.


If you have popped out on your lunch break for some Christmas shopping, make sure you think about where you leave it. If you leave it on the counter it could be stolen. However, leaving it on show in your car could result in someone breaking into your vehicle.

Working Late

If you are the last one to leave in an evening, double check that all the doors and windows and shut and locked. Double check any CCTV cameras are working and recording, set intruder alarms and double check your smoke cloak is set and ready to go if there was an intruder in the workplace.
If you are worried about your business over the festive period, contact us directly. Many businesses will me empty between Christmas Eve and New Years Day. This means that if you are on an industrial estate, for example, potential thieves know that nobody will spot them.

Why not speak to us about installing a security smoke system in your business. If a break in does occur the smoke alarm system will be triggered. The potential thief will not be able to see anything, completely lose their orientation and flee the scene quickly. In the meantime the alarm will be set off and the business can be protected.