Scared Of Losing Your Sight?

Unsurprisingly perhaps, the sense that the general public are most scared of losing is their sight. 90% of people surveyed said that their sight was the sense they feared losing the most. While this is great information for opticians across the UK, it also made interesting reading for the team here at SmokeCloak.

We are all ingrained with this fight or flight feeling, when we are confronted by something we have the option to stand up and fight it, or run as far away from it as possible. This brings us on to thieves and burglars.

Let’s pretend you are a burglar. You have seen a home or business that looks to be the ideal target. You think you know where their valuables are hidden and you can see an easy way to get in. You adrenaline is pumping and your palms are sweating. You smash the door or window into the property and you are just about to step in, when you hear a strange sound.

This is the sound of the SmokeCloak, the room is quickly filling with a thick fog and you can’t see in front of you. The burglar alarm is going off too. As a burglar you are left with just one option; running away as fast as possible!

While the thought of being enveloped in fog so you can’t see around you may not fill you with fear, when you are in the moment and full of adrenaline and fear – the addition of fog is exactly what will leave you running for the hills and leaving whatever valuables you were hoping to steal.

If you’d like to see our fog security systems in action or want to find out more, please contact the team directly. A burglar alarm will alert you and neighbours, but SmokeCloak will stop your intruder in their tracks.