Over Half Of SMEs Are A Victim To Crime

A study completed by a charity called Victim Support, who worked with a security firm for this research, found that 51% of all SMEs have been a victim of crime. It is further reported that crimes to SMEs costs £25 million in total. This equates to over £2,600 per crime.

Security firms offer various levels of alarm systems that can help deter criminals, but they often don’t protect the physical items. Some alarm systems are reliant on a police response which can take around 15 minutes for the police to arrive. 

However, very few people have seen the security benefits of the SmokeCloak. This is a fogging system that can secure your home, business and possessions. We strongly believe that a fogging system should be a core part in the defence against a burglar.

When the SmokeCloak is set off a thick layer of fog rapidly fills the room or building. Your possessions and valuables are protected under this thick layer of fog as they can no longer be seen by your intruder. 

Your intruder will then try and escape and may struggle to find the way they came in, due to the thick fog. This can then give the police response a chance to arrive and arrest the intruder, and the intruder will leave empty handed, apart from some shiny metal handcuffs.

The thick layer of rapidly deployed dense fog from the SmokeCloak will often stop the burglar at point of entry. Your home, business and assets are then protected and your peace of mind and safety is protected too.

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