Three Ways To Protect Your Business From Crime

No matter what kind of business you run, no business is safe from crime. You may have alarms and CCTV cameras fitted and all the right insurances, but crime on a business can still have devastating effects. 

Here at SmokeCloak we believe that the best way to deal with crime is to prevent is completely. One way of doing this is with security fog solutions. If someone does break into your business the cloak of smoke is released and the potential thieves can see nothing, which means very minimal or no items can be stolen or damaged from your business.

However, there are other ways of protecting your business from crime and we have listed these below. These work alongside our Smokecloak security solutions to avoid the risk of a break in and to reduce the risk of theft if a break in does happen to your business.

Train Your Staff

The more people within your business that understand how your security systems work, the better your business security will be. By sharing the responsibility of setting up, monitoring and checking security devices you are increasing the reliability of the security within your business. This helps reduce the vulnerabilities in your business defences.

Keep Valuables Safe

If your business is broken into, you don’t want to make it easy for them. Keeping the money in the till overnight is expected by the thieves and the first place they will check. Give your business an extra level of security by having safes where valuables and cash can be secure. Keeping cask locked away will make it harder on the thief. Wherever possible have as little cash as you can on site.

Implement A Security Routine

Many businesses have multiple layers of security within their business. However if one of these layers is missed, the security of your business is at risk. By ensuring all team leaders are security trained and understand the security routine you are making sure nothing is missed. You may also want to consider a security check list by the door which the last person to leave the premises can quickly check on the way out.

If you would like to know more about our SmokeCloak security solutions then please contact us now. We would be happy to show just how well security fog can work in your business and how effectively it can reduce the risk of theft to your business.