The Real Cost Of A Business Break-In

This will all cost money to replace. A new smart phone could cost between £150 and £600 to replace. The replacement of a new laptop could come in at around £250 and replacement memory sticks could cost around £10 each to replace.

You can easily see how quickly the cost adds up if you’re replacing  laptops, phones and memory sticks for a team of ten or even larger!

However, it isn’t just the financial cost that affects the business. When looking at the real cost of a business break-in there is lots more than needs to be considered.

For example, if all your contacts are saved on your mobile phone. That lost of contacts is now gone if it’s not backed up. It will take you time to replace all those numbers and some of the contacts, especially new contacts or potential clients could be lost forever.

There will be a lack of productivity and a rise in stress while your team wait for replacements of the stolen items. This can stop work for some employees for a few hours, a few days, or really slow down things for weeks on end. This is due to the time it takes to recover or recreate important data required.

There are huge risks to your cyber security too. You may have breached date and security regulations as well. In some cases this can result in government fines for loss of confidential data. You will also need to create a company-wide password reset. This will need to include security updates on all old, existing and replacement devices. 

You will need to take time out to complete an insurance claim. While this can be very time consuming, your insurance company may then choose to complete an investigation. This will take up more time for your business and may need the involvement of your team too.

Potentially the biggest real cost of a business break-in though is your reputation. A business break-n can really damage your reputation if staff members can no longer call back the person expecting a call. Maybe meetings have been booked in but the details of these are no longer available? You may also lose confidential client information which means the client looses trust in your business.

You may want to consider SmokeCloak as a way of protecting your business. As someone breaks into your business a thick cloud of smoke enters the office and the potential thief can no longer see where to go to steal items from your business.

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