Warehouse Security System

The Best Security Systems to Protect Your Warehouse Over Christmas

Warehouse crime over Christmas

Warehouses are an appealing target for a burglar. Great quantities of high value goods are gathered in one location and often placed in an industrial area, where there will be fewer people around to disturb the intruders if they act overnight or at the weekend. With the Christmas period rapidly approaching, the issue of warehouse security becomes particularly pertinent, as warehouses are often left unattended from Christmas Eve right through until the New Year. This, of course, becomes the perfect time for a thief to strike.
Statistics from UKCrimeStats show that crime sees a significant rise in the December/January period and, of these crimes, it is anti-social behaviour and burglaries that exhibit the largest surge. As this period approaches, therefore, it is only natural to be investigating how best to protect warehouses against this seasonal surge in crime.

What about traditional security systems?

Due to the aforementioned location of these warehouses on vast industrial estates, a simple intruder alarm does not suffice when it comes to protecting a warehouse because, if the alarm is triggered over the Christmas period, with no one at work on the estate, nobody will hear it in order to respond.
The same, unfortunately, applies to CCTV. If the security cameras are unmonitored, then CCTV is only effective for catching the criminals retrospectively, which tends to be unsuccessful given that the thieves are able to put their hoods up and cover their faces with scarves to become unrecognisable. If the CCTV is monitored, which the thieves know full-well is highly unlikely over the Christmas period, then it still requires quick response. The average time that a burglar spends onsite during a break-in is 3-5 minutes and so the chances of making it there in time, before the thieves get away with your stock, are very slim.
SmokeCloak, on the other hand, stops the thieves from getting away with anything at all. Within seconds of a break-in, the warehouse is filled with an impenetrable cloud of fog. The intruders are unable to see a thing, so they can’t steal your stock and are forced to flee the premises. This is how SmokeCloak is able to prevent up to 95% of losses.

So what's the best system for protecting your warehouse?

The SmokeCloak fog is deployed as soon as the alarm is tripped. This means that, even over the Christmas period with no one around, your warehouse is protected and the device will be automatically deployed as soon as someone enters.
Installing a SmokeCloak security system protects your warehouse from both the losses and subsequent downtime that follows a break-in. Once the SmokeCloak is armed, alarm sensors will monitor your premises from unwanted guests. Should movement be detected, the SmokeCloak will instantly trigger, cloaking the area with an impenetrable curtain of fog and reducing visibility to less than an arm’s length.
If you’d like a quote to get a SmokeCloak security system installed in your warehouse, or simply want to find out more about the system and its functionality, please feel free to call 01604 839000 today, or fill out a contact form.