Increase The Security In Your Warehouse

In this blog post we have put together some ways that you can increase the security in your warehouse. By following these top tips you will reduce the likelihood of a burglary in your warehouse, but also reduce the amount of damage and products stolen during a break in. These ideas are simple to implement and could really save you money.

Data Security

Make sure that only a few chosen people have access to any warehouse management and stock management systems. This will make theft less attractive to your employees. Ensure that only trusted employees are in charge of stock level information along with goods received and goods dispatched data.

Employee Checks

While it is not a nice feeling, it is important to know that not all your employees are reliable, honest and trustworthy. Spot checks on employees belongings is highly recommended, especially if you are selling items that are small and valuable. Consider which areas employees have access to and how you can control this access.

Check Entry Points

In larger business premises and warehouses there will be multiple entry points. Ensure that you have a line manager or supervisor in charge of checking all doors and windows at the end of the day after all the staff members go home. You may also want to consider installing door entry systems that show you who enters and leaves the building and what time.

Security Cameras

Installing security cameras will offer a huge boost to your security. They can act as a deterrent for potential thieves but they will also give you the evidence you need is a theft does take place in your warehouse. Security cameras are a great way to increase the security in your warehouse quickly and easily.

Security Alarms

Security alarms are another good deterrent for potential thieves. However you need to consider the sort of security alarm you have installed. For example, if your warehouse is in the middle of nowhere who will report it to the police? In cases like this you will need a monitored alarm system or one that sends you an alert of a break in so the police can be contacted immediately.

A SmokeCloak

If someone does break into your warehouse they will want to get in and out as quickly as possible. If you have a smokecloak installed this will set off a thick cloud of smoke if someone breaks into your warehouse. The thief will no longer be able to see inside the warehouse. It is likely they will leave without any of your products because they can no longer see what they could steal.
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