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How have policing cuts impacted your residential security?

It’s no secret that, in light of the UK’s recent policing cuts, the British public is becoming increasingly concerned for its residential security and may even be considering the systems available to ensure that they can continue to feel safe in their own homes.

We’ve all heard the rumours about police only responding to burglaries at houses of an even number. Quite simply, the government policing cuts have meant that police resources are being spread too thin and, whilst issues such as terrorism continue to plague the country, your everyday burglary is no longer a priority.

Policing cuts: the story so far

The policing cuts really began in 2010 when Theresa May, as Home Secretary, succumbed to Treasury demand to cut police budgets by 18%. Since then, according to the Home Office, the number of police officers in England and Wales has fallen by 13%, from 144,353 to 122,859.

Overall police budgets (excluding counter-terrorism) fell by 20% from 2010 to 2015. Since 2015, the overall budget has at least been protected in real terms, but not every force will benefit.

“We need our officers to be focused on serious crimes and cases where there is a realistic chance that we will be able to solve it,” said Mark Simmons, Deputy Assistant Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police. “We also want them to be available to respond to emergencies and go to those members of the public that need our help the most.”

Quite simply, the police are no longer able to respond to every crime that is reported to them and individual members of the public having their homes broken into is at the bottom of the police’s list of priorities.

Unfortunately, criminals are seizing this opportunity with both hands, as it means that they can commit break-ins safe in the knowledge that the police won’t try to catch them. This has, understandably, left the average civilian feeling upset and frustrated for their residential security.

What residential security systems are out there?

Unfortunately, much like the police, traditional residential security systems are failing to stop break-ins, or to catch the perpetrator when they happen. Burglar alarms are often ignored when they go off and CCTV becomes useless as soon as the thief puts his hood up. This has left many members of the public feeling helpless when it comes to residential security and they have no idea how to protect their own homes.

There is, however, an answer. SmokeCloak can install a security system into any residential property which will deter burglars from entering and, even if they do, will prevent up to 95% of losses. SmokeCloak deploys an impenetrable cloud of fog throughout your home, rendering any intruder temporarily blind and, of course, you can’t steal what you can’t see. What’s more, labeling your property as SmokeCloak protected deters the criminals in the first place, because they know that they will not be successful in taking anything from your home once the device is deployed.

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